Bitrue Launches New Yield Farming, How You Can Take Your Crypto Profits And Maximize Them

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January 10, 2022 by CoinSurges
Top crypto exchange Bitrue recently announced a

Top crypto exchange Bitrue recently announced a new feature that will provide crypto investors with more opportunities to benefit from the growing industry. Bitrue’s new Yield Farming Hub will enable users to take their cryptocurrencies to generate more by using a similar mechanism to that of popular DeFi platforms.

The crypto exchange will roll out its new feature with 20 pools that will let investors generate an astonishing 150% APR. These rewards will vary from pool to pool with some even generating more profits and letting users select their preferred staking period.

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The feature will be available starting January 10th, 2022, and will leverage the exchange’s native token Bitrue Coin (BTR) to farm the cryptocurrencies. Thus, creating a new source of demand for Bitrue’s token and a bullish driver for its future appreciation with the token recording a 300% since its inception in 2018.

The exchange clarified that users will have the option to select BTR or one of its cryptocurrencies to begin the yield farming process on its platform. Adam O’Neill, Chief Marketing Officer at Bitrue, stated the following on their Yield Farming Hub:

By offering such a wide range of investment options with varying lockup periods, returns, and formats, we give our users the freedom to choose an investment strategy that works best for them. It makes BTR the world’s first Yield Token – a coin expressly devoted to maximizing the return on investment for cryptocurrencies.

Bitrue Expands Options To Increase Crypto Profits, A Win-Win Feature For Investors

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By launching a Yield Farming Hub for cryptocurrencies, Bitrue expects to encourage traders and investors to secure their financial future. They will succeed on this objective by leveraging this new feature that will let investors establish a long-term source for passive income.

In addition, a crypto investor will be less susceptible to sudden market swings to the downside. In an official post, Bitrue said this about how their Yield Farming feature will ease the life of its users and help them build long-lasting wealth:

During market downturns, we see more and more of our users seeking the stability of guaranteed income as a way of ensuring that they continue to build wealth without needing to guess the temperament of the market.

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Furthermore, the Yield Farming pools launched by Bitrue will operate without some of the intrinsic disadvantages of DeFi protocols, such as impermanent loss. In that way, the crypto exchange has set out to create a win-win option for investors, partners, and the platform itself has continued to innovate in an ever-competitive industry.

Bitrue has been known for offering its users some of the best options to increase their profits. Therefore, the new Yield Farming Hub will operate with the BTR Lockups, Power Piggy, and the BTR Vote.

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