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Ant-backed MYbank to help China expand digital yuan trial

Tencent-backed WeBank and Ant Financial-backed MYbank will reportedly be the first private banks to join China’s digital yuan p...
February 22, 2021

Fuel for a broader Bitcoin rally? BTC dip fills futures gap, liquidating $1 billion

A CME gap closed at around $55,504 as the price of Bitcoin steeply dropped following the new weekly candle. An
February 22, 2021

India securities regulator to reportedly bar IPO promoters from holding crypto

The Securities and Exchange Board of India may force promoters of initial public offerings to ditch crypto. In what seems
February 22, 2021

Ripple is Officially a Registered Business in Wyoming USA

Ripple submitted the initial filling back on
February 22, 2021
168 Crypto Token Backed by Ethereum Mining Operation

Pylonfinance is a newly launched project that
February 22, 2021

Swiss crypto ETP issuer passes $1B assets under management

Swiss crypto ETP issuer 21Shares has increased its managed crypto ETP assets from $500 million to $1 billion in less
February 22, 2021

Crypto market too big to ignore, says Nigeria SEC

Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission says it is committed to creating a clear-cut regulatory framework for cryptos in t...
February 22, 2021

South Korea fastracks 20% tax on Bitcoin and crypto profits to 2022

After much back and forth, South Korea appears to have finally set a hard date for the dawn of cryptocurrency
February 22, 2021

Did $50K ‘trigger’ Peter Schiff to buy BTC? 5 Things to watch in Bitcoin this week

As Bitcoin wobbles following a spurt to above $58,000, concerns mount about the depth of a possible inbound correction. Bitcoin
February 22, 2021

Tesla made $1B profit on its Bitcoin buy, says analyst

Tesla is about to make more money from its Bitcoin investments than profits from selling its electric vehicle cars in
February 22, 2021

DEX goals diverge as SushiSwap (SUSHI) and Uniswap (UNI) rally to new highs

The goals and development of SushiSwap and Uniswap are diverging as each exchange’s governance token reaches new all-time highs...
February 22, 2021

First-Ever North American Bitcoin ETF Breaks Records In Opening Week

The Purpose Bitcoin ETF, the first approved BTC
February 22, 2021

Here’s how multi-leg options allow traders to profit from $2K Ethereum price

Using multi-leg options can give traders a less risky way to invest in Ethereum price as it pushes above $2,000.
February 21, 2021

Bitcoin pizza all over again — delivery driver reportedly cashes in on $400 BTC tip

“I let the pizza guy choose between $5 in fiat or BTC. Needless to say, he chose wisely,” said the
February 21, 2021

Former BoE, BoC governor Mark Carney joins Stripe board of directors

Mark Carney, one of the most prominent central bankers of the post-financial crisis era, has officially joined the digital paym...
February 21, 2021

Ripple now registered as a Wyoming business

“More crypto companies are realizing Wyoming is a better domicile than Delaware due to our crypto-friendly laws,” s...
February 21, 2021

Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, AAVE, ATOM, NEO, VET

Select altcoins continue to move higher as traders attempt to push Bitcoin price to $60,000. The Purpose Bitcoin (BTC) exchange...
February 21, 2021

Canadian Bitcoin ETF predicted to hit $1B AUM by Friday: Bloomberg analyst

Eric Balchunas said the Purpose Bitcoin fund could surpasses all other ETFs in Canada within two months, “barring a nasty
February 21, 2021

Banks will be required to work with crypto, e-money and CBDCs to survive

The global monetary landscape will have everyone storing electronic money, cryptocurrencies and central bank digital currencies...
February 21, 2021

Monster bull flag for puts $200,000 YFI price in play

After weeks of aggressive selling, YFI looks primed for a move to $60,000 before Bitcoin. Bitcoin (BTC) bears looked on
February 21, 2021

The staking race: Late entrant Ethereum lags behind rivals with Eth2

The second-biggest cryptocurrency is only the fourth-ranked staking network, but it’s looking to catch up to the rest. Despite ...
February 21, 2021

A Bitcoin price dip for ants? BTC quickly rebounds to a new high above $57K

The price of Bitcoin achieved a new all-time high above $57,800 after a brief overnight correction. The price of Bitcoin
February 21, 2021

Blockchain tech will bridge the gap between DApps and enterprises

It is crucial that traditional enterprises join the decentralized ecosystem to bring added security and legitimacy to the indus...
February 21, 2021