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Price analysis 4/23: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, DOGE, ADA, DOT, UNI, LTC, BCH

Bitcoin price continues to come under pressure from sellers while Ether and BNB are attempting to buck the trend. As

Bitcoin facilitates a global economy, says Tim Draper

“People are already realizing that they would rather have Bitcoin than fiat currency,” said Draper. Venture capitalist Tim Drap...

Nexus Mutual moves to sundown legal entity, lift KYC requirements

By transitioning to a fully DAO-governed model, Nexus could expand its userbase and iron out tokeneconomic friction. In a move

Gemini users can now buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay and Google Pay

Gemini crypto exchange has integrated deposits via Apple Pay and Google Pay to simplify crypto purchases. Major American crypto...

Bitcoin is not an inflation hedge, Bitcoin skeptic claims

Nassim Taleb persists in his belief that Bitcoin is not a good hedge against inflation. Untied to any single government

5 reasons Bitcoin and Ethereum plummeted 15% in a single day

Bitcoin and Ethereum fell 15% and 20%, respectively, in one day, but why so much and so quickly? The price

Coins Are Moving: Bitcoin Sent To Exchanges Spikes To 2021 High

Bitcoin is back below $50,000 and fear is in the

Speedy Trial And The LOT=True Client

This episode of “The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado”

Ethereum ETFs are here, building case for US approval of BTC and ETH funds

While Bitcoin may evolve to become gold 2.0, Ether-based funds could offer investors exposure to a new utility technology. Unlike

Leaked Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti GPU shown mining Ether at 118 Mh/s

Leaked screenshots of the latest Nvidia GPU mining Ether at full power leaves gamers worried and miners rubbing their hands.

Cointelegraph Consulting: The post-genesis state of the Fei Protocol

Despite the differences in investment behavior, both retail investors and whales were quitting Fei actively after the genesis e...

Norway to start digital currency tests after four years of research

The Norwegian central bank aims to find a preferred CBDC solution through new technical tests. The Norwegian central bank, Norges

The homeless immigrant who ended up a crypto VC: Etiënne vantKruys

Growing up in poverty in Suriname, Etinne vantKruys was told by his teacher he’d never succeed but it only made

Robinhood announces new COO to lead crypto trading desk

With the company’s crypto business expanding significantly, Robinhood has appointed a chief operating officer to lead its crypt...

Analyst enters $32.5K Bitcoin buy order as hodlers bet on $46K BTC price bottom

Peter Brandt is bracing for bigger price drops as technical indicators suggest bulls will yet be spared an apocalyptic crash.
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