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South Korea plans interagency crackdown on illegal crypto transactions

South Korea’s top financial regulator established dedicated crypto investigation teams across the country last week. Several So...

Binance Coin regains 20% in a day: Why is BNB seeing such a strong recovery?

BNB price rallied by more than 20% in the last 24 hours due to several key reasons. The price of

Democratizing trading: After GameStop, does more need to be done?

There’s been a lot of talk about democratizing trading in recent years. But does the recent GameStop saga indicate that

Edward Snowden Sells NFT For Over $5 Million

Edward Snowden, the most famous American

Did a massive Chinese power outage cause Bitcoin’s crash down to $50k?

On-chain analyst Willy Woo argues a massive power outage in Chinese mining hub Xinjiang drove Bitcoin’s violent crash down to

ASIC calls for closer engagement, but crypto industry says rules are unclear

Australia’s securities regulator wants crypto firms to work closely with it, but industry executives are unsure of their obliga...

Crypto users demand reinstatement of Pakistani government adviser following sudden resignation

Zia Ullah Bangash’s potential departure from an important role in facilitating Pakistan’s regulatory environment fo...

Dogecoin, CryptoCurrency Reddit communities surge as crypto euphoria heats up

The subreddits for Dogecoin and CryptoCurrency added a combined 232,697 subscribers last week, far outpacing the growth of all ...

Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, VET, SOL, EOS, FTT

The bulls are trying to stabilize Bitcoin price and if they succeed, VET, SOL, EOS and FTT could quickly bounce

China is studying crypto as an investment tool, says PBoC deputy governor

The central bank official said stablecoins issued by private companies may require “stronger regulatory rules” than...

Peak fear? Bitcoin funding rates crash to lowest levels in 7 months

The funding rate of Bitcoin dropped to a level unseen since September 2020, signaling fear in the market. The funding

More IRS summonses for crypto exchange account holders

The recent John Doe summons developments indicate that the IRS is seriously interested in crypto — better to report than

SEC loses a battle to win the war? Ripple dissociates from pumping XRP

While the defendants may have gained an edge in pre-trial rulings in SEC v. Ripple Labs, are Ripple’s legal troubles

A nightmare on Stable Street: Centralized stablecoins may be doomed

Central banks are paying very close attention to stablecoins, seeking to control them — and decentralization may be the solution.

Binance Burns Record $600 Million BNB In Its 15th Quarter

Earlier this week, Binance announced through a

The perils of suing crypto exchanges after ransomware attacks

As seen in the case of AA v. Bitfinex, targeting a crypto exchange over stolen funds is a high-risk, low-reward

Bitcoin on balance sheet attracts negative attention from anti-crypto banks

Having over 90,000 BTC on the balance sheet could see a company’s stock blacklisted by banks that remain crypto detractors.

1 million crypto traders see nearly $10 billion in liquidations

Traders saw nearly $10 billion in liquidations on

Bitcoin price drops to $52K, liquidating almost $10B

Fears of regulatory moves come as a brief hash rate crash from a Chinese power blackout already begins to rebound.
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