Kentucky Lawmakers Approve Bitcoin Miner Incentive Bill

Kentucky legislators have approved a bill that

DeFi who? NFTs are the new hot stars on the crypto block

NFTs are taking over from where DeFi left off, and data suggests asset tokenization will dominate 2021. The last bull

Bitcoin whales are accumulating BTC around $48K, on-chain data suggests

Big Coinbase outflows show that some big players are scooping up Bitcoin on dips below $50,000. Whales are continuing to

Canadian firm planning to convert its Bitcoin trust to an ETF

The Toronto-based investment firm will put the matter to a vote in April. Less than two months after launching trading

Ex-Chairman Tarbert, who named Ether a commodity, is leaving the CFTC

After resigning from the commission’s executive position in January, Tarbert is on his way out. Without much fanfare, Hea...

Kings of Leon are releasing an album as an NFT

Kings of Leon returns after a four-year break with an exclusive album NFT sale. American rock band Kings of Leon

Dan Larimer’s newest project is another attempt at decentralized social media

The former founder of Steemit and is tackling social media once more. Daniel Larimer, former chief technology officer of

How Will The Biden Administration Affect BTC?

How will a Democratic administration in the US

The reformed Bitcoin Maxi who saw the light: Erik Voorhees

We felt like we were doing God’s work, explains cryptocurrency payments pioneer Erik Voorhees as he recalls trying to convert

Brave acquires search engine in bid to offer alternative to Google Search

Privacy-focused browser Brave has acquired open search engine Tailcat to introduce its own alternative to Google Search later t...

Oracle wants to bring blockchain to the masses through a crypto-secure data offering

Could Oracle’s crypto-secure data offering be the new way enterprises leverage blockchain moving forward? While blockchain is k...

Kentucky to provide tax breaks for local crypto miners

Kentucky needs to attract more crypto mining businesses by offering tax breaks, local lawmakers believe. Lawmakers in Kentucky ...

Netflix ‘might’ be next Fortune 100 firm to buy Bitcoin — Tim Draper

The famous investor picks Netflix among major companies as the most likely to put Bitcoin on its balance sheet. Netflix

Australian green energy Bitcoin mining firm doubles pre-IPO funding round

Iris Energy has upped its target for its second-IPO funding round. Iris Energy, an Australian firm that invests in Bitcoin

Step by step: How crypto fraud and security breaches are investigated

What’s an exchange’s next move after falling victim to a security breach? This is a step-by-step guide to following a

Amazon Adds Support for Ethereum on Amazon Managed Blockchain

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s subsidiary

US crypto tax startup TaxBit to channel $100M raise into UK expansion

Utah-based startup TaxBit prepares to provide global crypto-oriented tax expertise with a newly raised $100 million. Major cryp...

Bitcoin is technology but gold ‘is dead,’ Mark Cuban tells Peter Schiff

Schiff looks increasingly isolated in his Bitcoin hating as former skeptic Cuban tells him to “move on” from gold. ...