The staking race: Late entrant Ethereum lags behind rivals with Eth2

The second-biggest cryptocurrency is only the fourth-ranked staking network, but it’s looking to catch up to the rest. Despite ...
February 21, 2021

A Bitcoin price dip for ants? BTC quickly rebounds to a new high above $57K

The price of Bitcoin achieved a new all-time high above $57,800 after a brief overnight correction. The price of Bitcoin
February 21, 2021

Blockchain tech will bridge the gap between DApps and enterprises

It is crucial that traditional enterprises join the decentralized ecosystem to bring added security and legitimacy to the indus...
February 21, 2021

Exchange tokens benefit as centralized exchanges battle with DeFi platforms

Exchange tokens catch a boost as governance and high yields attract fresh inflows and CeFi begins to merge with DeFi.
February 21, 2021

Thanks a trillion Bitcoin, Binance Coin goes parabolic, NFT mania: Hodler’s Digest, Feb. 14–20

The best (and worst) quotes, adoption and regulation highlights, leading coins, predictions and much more — one week on Cointel...
February 20, 2021

2021 Bitcoin Investment Research Report

The “2021 Bitcoin Investment Research Report”
February 20, 2021

3 key factors that propelled Ethereum to $2,000 for the first time ever

Ether price is attempting to conquer $2,000 as the Ethereum blockchain is seeing increasing demand. The price of Ether (ETH)
February 20, 2021

Ravencoin (RVN) gains 865% as interest in tokenized securities grows

The recent controversy over traditional brokerages restricting stock purchases cast a positive light on tokenized securities an...
February 20, 2021

Bitcoin skeptic debates Bloomberg analyst in latest Cointelegraph Crypto Duel

Economist Frances Coppola and senior commodity strategist at Bloomberg Mike MgGlone clash on everything Bitcoin. In a recent vi...
February 20, 2021

Elon Musk says BTC, ETH prices “high” while dunking on Peter Schiff

While Musk said Schiff “might as well” have crypto in lieu of gold deposit statements, he did warn that digital
February 20, 2021

Bitcoin price must now hold above these levels to break $60K

It’s important for Bitcoin to hold above $50,000 for more upside. Bitcoin’s (BTC) price has been consistently rallying in...
February 20, 2021

NFT market top signal? Fake Banksy nets over $1 million in ETH from NFT sales

With a charity and some slapdash art theory as a cover, a copycat makes off with 512 ETH in NFT
February 20, 2021

BNB price surges as Binance Smart Chain grows in popularity with DeFi

Binance Coin passes Tether to become the third-largest crypto by market cap as daily transactions on Binance Smart Chain surpass
February 20, 2021

The perils of a decentralized web living in the centralized world

Whether we like it or not, the decentralized web is vulnerable to the internet’s worsening problems. Luckily, fixing this should
February 20, 2021

In the eye of the beholder: What gives Bitcoin its value in 2021?

Bitcoin’s value is a complex topic spanning numerous aspects; however, its value could be attributed to several factors. Notabl...
February 20, 2021

Voting evolved: Blockchain tech outshines paper ballots and e-voting

The right kind of synergy between blockchain and biometrics will unleash the power of decentralized voting. Voting is a very
February 20, 2021

REN price rallies 60%, hitting a new high after recent DeFi integration

REN price spiked to a new all-time high shortly after its recent integration with Binance Smart Chain. Ren (REN) price
February 20, 2021

Bitcoin Hits $56,000, What’s Next?

Bitcoin’s rapid price rise has brought it to
February 20, 2021

No-loss lottery PoolTogether cracks 50 million in deposits after token airdrop

The self-styled “savings game” is hoovering user deposits, leading to meaty lottery payouts No-loss lotteries appea...
February 20, 2021

$56.3K Bitcoin price and $1T market cap signal BTC is here to stay

Bitcoin price hit a new high at $56,368, cementing its status as one of the most valuable assets on the
February 19, 2021

Bitcoin’s market cap flipped Tencent on its way to $1 Trillion

You’re next, Google. At approximately $1 trillion, Bitcoin’s market cap has blown past Tencent, which holds a valuation of roughly
February 19, 2021

Cointelegraph commemorates Bitcoin hitting $50K with an exclusive NFT

Celebrate this historic point in BTC’s history by treating yourself to one of our limited run of 50 NFT artworks.
February 19, 2021

Data show bulls are in charge of this month’s $3.2B Bitcoin options expiry

Bitcoin’s rally above $56,000 shifted Friday’s options expiry entirely in favor of bulls After a 160% increase over...
February 19, 2021