Huobi Futures Makes its Partnership Program More Profitable with Transaction Fee Rebate Boost

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March 2, 2021 by CoinSurges
Huobi Futures has seen significant demand over

Huobi Futures has seen significant demand over the last year with its annual trading volume ranks first globally. Open interest and trading volume have been soaring, and new user registrations are increasing by the day.

To share the runaway success with the cryptocurrency community and to contribute towards growth across the ecosystem, Huobi Futures has made its “Invite Friends” partnership program even more lucrative than before with a transaction fee rebate increase.

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Here’s more about the rebate appreciation and the program itself.

Invite Friends” Incentives Boosted From 40% To 60% Contract Rebates

Huobi Futures, a leading cryptocurrency derivatives provider, has expanded upon its “Invite Friends” program for the first time, raising the partnership incentives from 40% in contract transaction fee rebates to 60%.

The partnership program has always been a “win-win” for the industry, boosting the development of DeFi and accelerating the adoption of digital finance and assets while also rewarding users who contribute to growth.

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All About The Upgraded Contract Transaction Fee Rebate Offer

Interested parties can apply to the referral program via the registration form in just a few clicks and only a few moments of worthwhile time spent. Huobi evaluates the qualifications of all applications within ten business days or in as little as 24 hours.

At the moment applicants receive approval, they can begin leveraging the transaction fee rebate they get from their invitees. The contract rebate is currently applied to both coin-margined futures and coin-margined swaps offered by the derivatives platform.

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Rebates are generated from each invitee’s net transaction fees. More invitees would result in a larger revenue stream. Three levels are offered for one year, two years, and permanent, each providing different maximum earnings thresholds per invitee and channel. Levels reached depend on the number of invitees with active trading accounts, and accumulative trading volume.

Addition rules relate to risk controls, code of conduct, and more apply, meaning that applicants must maintain specific integrity standards, ensuring that the program itself is well represented in the crypto community and finance world.

Why Choose the Rebate Program of Huobi Futures?

Joining the Transaction Fee Rebate Program of Huobi Futures indicates that you can not only receive the 60% fee rebate from your friends, but also enjoy the below benefits with your friends:

  • an excellent liquidity;
  • a comprehensive product line covers coin-margined futures/swaps, USDT-margined swaps and USDT-quoted options;
  • a mature risk-control system and top-level technique to ensure asset safety;
  • abundant innovative functions like “Locked Margin Mechanism” and “Ratio-based Take Profit & Stop Loss”;
  • VIP+1 policy with evaluation based on USD instead of BTC;
  • 7*24 point-to-point service on this one-stop derivatives trading platform.

How to Learn More and Become a Huobi Partner

Who we want:

  1. KOLs, media or institutions with rich resources;
  2. Huobi’ followers who hold a similar value with Huobi Futures;
  3. Any users who have a huge interest in our referral program.

How to register:

Users can register to take advantage of this exciting expanded offer by using the Huobi “Invite Friends” registration form or by emailing [email protected]

Emails must include “Huobi UID, business country and region, own resources and background, brief business plan, self-introduction, personal WeChat/Telegram or mobile phone number and other information.”


For more information, visit Huobi Global.

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