Japanese Racing Driver, Ai Miura Made a Contract with SAKURA NFT Platform

Japanese Racing Driver, Ai Miura Made a Contract with SAKURA NFT Platform

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October 14, 2021 by CoinSurges
XRI is working on the development of SAKURA NFT

XRI is working on the development of SAKURA NFT Platform, and they revealed the new information about their contract with an athlete. The first contract was made with Ai Miura, who is a Japanese racing driver. She was the first woman to win the Japanese Formula 3 Championship..

What is the SAKURA NFT Platform?

This NFT platform provides not only the NFT market but also some other functions. You can manage your wallet for your tokens on that page. And you can make your wish list as well.

Those NFT products’ reliability is secured by the labels of product status and other details

required on this platform. As it is a symbol of Japan and it’s very easy to find that this project is related to that country, this logo image shows SAKURA(cherry blossom).

Collaboration With Worldwide Athletes:

SAKURA NFT Platform is aiming to be entertaining and also dreamy for those who trust the infinite possibilities of NFT, around the world. They will invite young and energetic creators and also worldwide celebrities into this platform.

As their first contract, it was announced that they made a contract with Ai Miura, the first female F3 Japan champion, in 2014!!

Ai Miura’s Profile:

[Name] Ai Miura(三浦 愛)
[Birthday] 1989.11.24
[Height] 154cm
Ai Miura’s Official Website: https://ai-miura.com
SNS: https://lit.link/aimiura#


  • KYOJO CUP Series champion
  • FCR VITA Series champion
  • Participated in FORMULA REGIONAL JAPAN
  • Participated in SUPER TAIKYU
  • Participated in MINI CHALLENGE JAPAN


  • Participated in Japan Formula3 C Class
  • FIA Solar Car Race Suzuka ClassChampion


  • Japan Formula3 C Class Ranking 12th
    Best result 6th
  • FIA Solar Car Race Suzuka Ranking Class 2th…

What does XRI do?

XRI creates a unique metaverse (a virtual space beyond reality) to realize an unprecedented world, like new services and products;

  • Digital NFTs (towns, e-sports stadiums, etc.)
  • Autonomous and decentralized (DAO) business schemes
  • Various revenue models through various business schemes linking the real world and the virtual world

XRI Tokens can be purchased from Uniswap and Coineal

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