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March 2, 2021 by CoinSurges
Parker Lewis of Unchained Capital joined the

Parker Lewis of Unchained Capital joined the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast” to discuss education, storage and more.

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This week for the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” host Christian Keroles sat down with Parker Lewis of Unchained Capital to discuss several key topics in Bitcoin. They opened the discussion with Parker’s “Gradually, Then Suddenly” blog series and how impactful it has been in educating institutions and Bitcoiners alike.

They went into depth on what Lewis thinks of when it comes to Bitcoin education and how Bitcoin goes from being counterintuitive to hyper-intuitive. They also discussed how to store bitcoin and how Unchained is making multisig more approachable for bitcoin holders. Please enjoy this wide-ranging conversation with Lewis of Unchained Capital and the “Gradually, Then Suddenly” series.

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Today, Unchained Capital announced a partnership with NYDIG, a key player in institutional services for Bitcoin. This interview was recorded prior to this announcement.

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