Sony Europe joins Theta Network as ‘Enterprise Validator’

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March 2, 2021 by CoinSurges
A division of Sony Europe has joined Theta

A division of Sony Europe has joined Theta Labs’ Enterprise Validator and Governance Council Program, the firms said in a release shared with CryptoSlate.

Another validator

Sony Europe’s R&D Center Europe Brussels Laboratory joins the program as an enterprise validator and member of the governing council to participate in strategic technology planning and ensure the network’s security, reliability, and stability. 

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As a member, Sony will operate an enterprise validator node located in Europe to support the network. It joins existing validators like Google, Samsung, Binance, Blockchain Ventures, and gumi.

Underlying the validator program is Theta’s protocol, technology, and operations which provide a native implementation of off-chain micropayments that scale to millions of concurrent video viewers. 

 “At R&D Center we share Theta Network’s passion towards decentralized technologies, and are excited about the possibilities which blockchain technologies can offer to creators,” said Magdalena Wasowska, Head of Sony Europe R&D Center Europe Brussels Laboratory.

Wasowska said that possibilities included tools for license and rights management and innovative solutions for content distribution networks like Theta.

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Theta Labs launched its native proof-of-stake blockchain purpose-built for decentralized video and data delivery in 2019 and has quickly advanced towards full decentralization of its security and governance supported by its validator node and guardian node network. 

Sony and Theta

The development comes years after Sony’s corporate venture capital, ‘Sony Innovation Fund,’ had earlier made a forward-looking investment to Theta Labs during its seed equity round in 2016.

Mitch Liu, co-founder and CEO of Theta Labs, said in the regard:

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“We’re thrilled that Sony Europe R&D Center Europe Brussels Laboratory has joined us as an enterprise validator accelerating Theta’s adoption and hyper-growth plans this year.”

Liu added the firm’s support and encouragement gave the Theta team the confidence that they were headed “in the right direction,” with their work. Meanwhile, THETA trades at $3.68 at press time and has a current market cap of over $3.6 billion.

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