UQUID Partners with Binance Pay To Deliver Millions Of Products To Crypto Users

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January 11, 2022 by CoinSurges
The e-commerce space is large and within it,

The e-commerce space is large and within it, crypto has been slowly finding a home. All around the world, merchants are integrating ways for customers to pay with cryptocurrencies on their websites to meet growing demand. This is why Uquid, a large e-commerce website, has partnered with Binance Pay to enable its customers to pay with crypto.

Uquid hosts a range of products from electronics to games to apparel, etc. The website is an all-in-one marketplace similar to Amazon where shoppers are able to get all of their shopping needs done in addition to paying bills. By accepting crypto payments, the e-commerce website broadens its reach to crypto shoppers who can now pay seamlessly from their wallets.

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The Everything Marketplace

Uquid is a Web 3.0 marketplace that brings the Web 3.0 shopping experience to customers in all its glory. Customers can access features such as shopping mining, receive rewards and stake points, and participate in token airdrops from merchants.

Shopping and checking out on Uquid can be as easy as linking a wallet on the website. At checkout, customers are able to select from among 40 different tokens to shop with, and what’s more, there are no fees on these crypto transactions, thanks to Binance Pay.

Fondly referred to as the DeFi and e-commerce platform, Uquid accepts tens of tokens on the Ethereum blockchain using the payment solution. Uquid is also open to integrating other blockchains to expand its DeFi shopping network.

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Binance Pay offers a contactless, borderless, and secure payment method to users of both platforms when they shop on Uquid, in addition to being able to pay for their purchase in installments. The new “Buy Now, Pay Later” from Uquid is the first of its kind as it is the only platform that offers BNPL by crypto. Customers will be able to use Uquid Pay to split crypto payments up to three installments spread across three months without any additional fees.

Uquid Launches NFT Marketplace

In line with its commitment to being the e-commerce platform for DeFi, Uquid has launched its own NFT marketplace. Users on the platform can buy, sell, and discover rare NFTs on the Uquid NFT marketplace. It is a smart NFT supermarket system where users can purchase and confirm ownership of digital assets instantly.

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Other items that can be purchased from Uquid include subscriptions, gift cards, and groceries. Users can submit their tokens to be listed as a payment method on the platform. Uquid is available worldwide and services millions of customers across the globe.

Uquid Card

Uquid had first emerged into the crypto space as the first crypto card that enabled payments via multiple altcoins. Uquid offered a Visa card, which allowed cardholders to be able to spend multiple altcoins at thousands of merchants across the globe. This solidified the project as a pioneer in the space and it quickly rose to fame across the crypto industry.

With the success of its card, Uquid went on to develop and launch the e-commerce marketplace of the DeFi market. The project integrated DeFi smart payment solutions to provide its users with more payment options. The platform has grown since then, currently hosting more than 2 million physical products. Uquid plans to expand this number to 5 million in 2022.

Uquid was one of only three blockchains that were honored at the 2017 TechCrunch Disrupt held in San Francisco. As the project spreads its wings to other blockchains, it is on track to compete with the biggest e-commerce platforms.

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