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Coinsurges - Latest Crypto News

Circle and Stanford’s Joint Effort: A Leap Forward in Blockchain Security?

In a significant advancement for blockchain, Circle Research, in collaboration with Stanford’s Applied Cryptography Group, has unveiled two groundbreaking open-source projects Related Reading:

Crypto Analyst Says It’s “Not Too Late” To Buy Ethereum, Here’s Why

A crypto analyst has explained how the range around $2,000 could become a major Ethereum support base for years, making it not too late to buy ETH right now 438 Million Ethereum Was Acquired Between

Bitcoin miner Riot Platforms gears up for halving with strategic $290M hardware investment

Texas-based Bitcoin (BTC) miner Riot Platforms secured its largest-ever order of hash rate through the acquisition of 66,560 units of BTC miners, representing 18 EH/s, from MicroBT for $2905 million,

Nearly $1.5B in Bitcoin profits pocketed by short-term holders; long-time holders stay patient

Quick Take Bitcoin recorded a 7% gain, culminating in a year-to-date peak of $38,800 by Dec 1 This milestone ignited the most considerable profit realization from short-term holders seen in recent

Shibarium Transactions Explode 47,000%, Will Shiba Inu Price Follow Suit?

Shiba Inu layer 2 solution Shibarium has exploded in transactions in the past week, pushing the metric past various milestones in a matter of hours The layer-2 network witnessed its transaction count

ADA In The Spotlight: Heavyweight Investors Pile Into Cardano, What’s Next?

Cardano (ADA) has recently caught the attention of large-scale investors, also known as ‘whales’ Crypto analyst Ali, leveraging on-chain data, has observed a significant uptick in large

El Salvador Triumphs in Bitcoin Bet — President Nayib Bukele Announces $3.6 Million Profit

El Salvador’s head of state, Nayib Bukele, recently announced that the nation’s bitcoin investment has turned profitable, rebounding from a prolonged period of losses experienced during

Bitcoin Cycle Analysis And Macro Factors Reveal When Price Will Reach $125,000

Crypto financial services firm Matrixport has reaffirmed its bullish projection on the future trajectory of the Bitcoin price While at it, the firm also mentioned when this is likely to happen based

Coinbase CEO: Bitcoin May Be ‘Key To Extend Western Civilization’

Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, has stirred a significant debate in the Bitcoin and crypto community with a recent post on X Armstrong put forward a compelling idea: Bitcoin might be crucial in

Bitcoin Lightning Network experiences capacity and channel surge

The Bitcoin ecosystem continually evolves, adapting to the demands of a growing user base and the challenges of scalability A critical component in this evolution is the Lightning Network, a layer-2
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Coinsurges - Latest Crypto News