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Coinsurges - Latest Crypto News

Former FTX Boss Speaks at Dealbook Event, Says He ‘Didn’t Knowingly Co-Mingle Funds’

On Nov 30, 2022, the former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) discussed FTX’s collapse at the New York Times’ Dealbook Summit with Andrew Ross Sorkin in his first live-appearance interview since

ApeCoin Falls Below $4 Again As Its Treasury Sells Its Own Token Holdings

ApeCoin (APE) seems to be ignoring the push that the broader crypto market is making that enabled many cryptocurrencies record significant price increases during the previous 24 hours In fact, the

This Huge Investor Also Lost Big When FTX Folded

The world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock, was a huge investor in FTX BlackRock’s CEO, Larry Fink, has now said that the asset manager lost $24

HT Huobi Token Price Soars 11% – Time To Buy Huobi?

The Huobi price saw an uptick of 11% yesterday and has dropped by a mere 2% at the time of writing Since it is a

National Bank of Ukraine Unveils E-hryvnia Concept

The central bank of Ukraine has presented to interested parties a draft concept of the nation’s future digital currency, the e-hryvnia The regulator is currently considering several potential

Battle Infinity Price Prediction for Today, December 1: IBATUSD Price at Possible Buying Opportunity

Battle Infinity Price Forecast: IBATUSD Price at Possible Buying Opportunity (December 1)In case the bulls should defend the selling pressure, an increase in the bulls’

Collapsing Crypto Yield Offerings Signal ‘Extreme Duress’

The leverage-fueled mania in crypto is over with yield arbitrage opportunities collapsing How can companies still offer yield products above risk-free

Polygon Surges 12%, Edging Bitcoin And Ethereum, In Last 24 Hours

Polygon (MATIC) posted the highest 24-hour gains today and surpassed Bitcoin and Ethereum in that department as the altcoin mounts a bounce back following the crashing effects of the FTX implosion

BTC Price Prediction – After Breaking Back Above $17000, Where Next?

The BTC price is back above $17k for the first time since mid-November It happened in response to Fed Chair Powell setting grounds for a

 Lucky Block Price Prediction: LBLOCK Is Reaching for the Stars

Lucky Block has brought massive returns to traders within the last 48 hours, and this crypto seems poised to deliver more, even at this point
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Coinsurges - Latest Crypto News