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Coinsurges - Latest Crypto News

$1 Million For 1 Bitcoin Possible Says This Report, Here’s Why

Bitcoin continues its upward trend as the global banking sector faces a crisis; the cryptocurrency has seen its best performance year to date The BTC price has been pushing up due to a strengthening

Sushi and its ‘head chef’ receive SEC subpoena

DeFi project Sushi and its main leader have been subpoenaed by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), according to a forum post on March 21 The post Sushi and its ‘head

CCP Games secures $40M funding for upcoming Web3 game

The financing was led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, with participation from Makers Fund, BITKRAFT,

DeFi insurance grew in 2022 to include nearly two dozen providers

Last year was pivotal for decentralized finance (DeFi), particularly in the insurance sector, where a new report suggests that $344 million was given out in DeFi insurance claims The post DeFi

Crystal Blockchain Study Reveals $16.7 Billion in Crypto Assets Stolen Since 2011

Crystal Blockchain, a company that provides blockchain data and analytics, published a study covering security breaches, fraud, and scams related to cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (defi)

Crypto Payment Platform Shuts Down Due to Issues In Banking System

The crypto space has seen several shocking incidents recently There have been enforcement actions, crypto hacks, and the sudden closure of 3 crypto-friendly banks; Silvergate, Silicon Valley, and

Sushi sets up legal defense fund after SEC subpoenas head chef Jared Grey and DAO itself

The DAO said it would not be commenting on “ongoing legal investigations,” but its existing $100,000 defense fund

Why is XRP price up today?

XRP price rallied by 20% as investors grew optimistic about Ripple winning its case against the SEC

$28.7k Could Be Next Level To Break For Bitcoin, Here’s Why

On-chain data suggests the $28,700 mark, which Bitcoin has yet to hit since the LUNA collapse, could be the next major obstacle to clear for the asset Bitcoin Has Been Under The $28,700 Level For 310

Texas lawmaker introduces resolution to protect Bitcoin miners and HODLers

The Lone Star State is already home to many crypto and blockchain firms as well as miners taking advantage of the
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Coinsurges - Latest Crypto News