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Weekly NFT Sales Rise 17% With Bitcoin Climbing Back to Second in Volume

Based on the most recent international standings and weekly figures, sales of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have surged by 1766% in the past week, amassing slightly more than $306 million in sales This

Lejilex and Crypto Freedom Alliance of Texas Sue SEC for Unlawfully Targeting the Digital Asset Industry

Lejilex and the Crypto Freedom Alliance of Texas, a crypto nonprofit, have teamed up to introduce a complaint against the actions of the SEC towards actors in the digital asset industry in America

Coinbase on Grayscale Ethereum Spot ETF Application: “ETH Is a Commodity, Not a Security”

Coinbase has answered the SEC request for comments on the proposed rule change to list the ETH Grayscale Fund as a spot ETF Coinbase stated that ether was a commodity, and its status has been

Fluidkey Launches to Tackle the Transaction Privacy Issues on EVM Chains

Fluidkey has announced it has opened its Optimism-based alpha to more users, allowing them to test their private solutions Fluidkey seeks to solve the transaction privacy problem in EVM chains by

Coinbase CEO Says No Access Block in Nigeria, Platform Operating Normally

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has dismissed reports of his cryptocurrency exchange being blocked by Nigerian authorities He emphasized that Coinbase products are fully operational in Nigeria without

Donald Trump Acknowledges Bitcoin’s Popularity — Says BTC Has Taken on ‘a Life of Its Own’ and ‘I Can Live With It’

US presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump has acknowledged the growing popularity of bitcoin, stating that “a lot of people are doing it” and the crypto has taken on

US District Judge Sanctions Binance’s $4.3 Billion Plea Deal

Binance Holdings is set to pay $43 billion in fines following the approval of its plea agreement with prosecutors by US District Judge Richard Jones on Friday Beyond the financial settlement, a third

Satoshi Nakamoto to Martti Malmi: The Correspondence That Shaped Bitcoin’s Early Days

In a series of insightful emails between Martti Malmi and Satoshi Nakamoto, the foundational discussions shaping the early development of Bitcoin are revealed These exchanges offer a rare glimpse

Bitcoin Miners Face Adapt or Perish Scenario as Halving Approaches in Under 60 Days

Data indicates that we’re 96% through the journey to the next Bitcoin halving event, with under two months remaining until the reward for mining a block is reduced from 625 to 3125 bitcoins

Spot Bitcoin ETFs Surge to $14.6 Billion in BTC Holdings 43 Days Post-Launch

It has been 43 days since the debut of the spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on the American stock market, and in this time, the nine newly launched bitcoin ETFs have accumulated 287,315

GAIMIN Announces the World’s First L2 Gaming Blockchain on BNB Chain

GAIMIN, the world’s leading provider of DePIN (Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Networks) today announces the world’s first L2 blockchain focused on delivering Web3 technology and

Avalanche Blockchain Faces Outage Amid Inscription Wave: AVA Labs Investigates

The Avalanche blockchain has encountered a disruption due to a “stall in block finalization” AVA Labs’ co-founder, Kevin Sekniqi, suggested that the problem might stem from a recent