$85 million ‘Meebits’ NFT project exploited; attacker nabs $700,000 collectible

The team has paused minting, and will have to use a manual workaround to prevent further exploits. Legendary NFT developers

As Bitcoin’s payment options grow, BTC true future role up for debate

Declaring BTC a store of value — e.g., gold 2.0 — but not a medium of exchange, defies logic. It

What are the chances BTC is actually overtaken by another crypto?

Will innovative advances in competing altcoins’ blockchains be enough to overtake Bitcoin’s success? When the famous Satoshi Na...

Alt season rush: Ethereum and DeFi get in shape for another hot summer

Alt season is here? ETH, DOGE and other altcoins rally to new highs as DeFi and Ethereum’s London hard fork

Blockchain tech has a solution to secure your email

Email built on top of a blockchain platform might provide more communications security than centralized alternatives. The globa...
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