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Stablecoin Shakeup: USD Coin Overtakes Tether on Ethereum

The stablecoin market has undergone a shakeup as USD Coin (USDC) has overtaken USD Tether (USDT) on the Ethereum blockchain USD...

Facebook’s Meta plans to allow users to create and sell NFTs

Facebook’s Meta is reportedly working on a feature that will allow users to mint collectible tokens and display their NFT...

What U.S. Lawmakers Need To Know About Proof-Of-Work Mining’s Energy Consumption

Today, Proof-Of-Work mining’s environmental impact is the topic at hand in the US Congress The House Energy and Commerce Commit...

SEC rejects Skybridge’s application for spot Bitcoin ETF

The commission rejected a rule change allowing listing and trading shares of the First Trust SkyBridge Bitcoin ETF

Gensokishi’s Metaverse (MV) token breaks the sellout record on TrustPad 

GensoKishi’s Metaverse (MV) token set a new record on TrustPad for selling out in under 20 seconds of entering First Come, Firs...

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Swings Above $43,000 Resistance

Bitcoin Price Prediction – January 20 The Bitcoin price prediction reveals that BTC may begin to restart towards the upside aft...

Binance US officially launches trading services in Connecticut

Despite regulatory uncertainty, the United States is one of the world's foremost cryptocurrency markets and dominates

Ethereum May Be Losing Out To Competitors Due To High Gas Fees, Says JPMorgan

JPMorgan has piled on the ethereum high gas fee issue as a reason why it could end up losing out to competitors like Solana and...

Report: Meta and Instagram Are Exploring an ‘Early Stage’ NFT Feature

Meta Platforms, Inc, formerly known as Facebook, Inc, is reportedly experimenting with non-fungible token (NFT) technology, acc...

Ethereum Fee Averages Remain Above $30 Despite 35% Drop. Price Pump Incoming?

Ethereum fees remain high as the network continues to see some of the highest traffic in the industry Daily transaction volumes...

Jack Dorsey, Saylor to Speak at Upcoming Free Bitcoin Conference

The two chief executives will kickstart the event with an in-depth conversation about

Witnesses address energy impacts of crypto mining during House hearing

“If policymakers take a cautious approach and foster a pro-innovation environment, the rewards for consumers,

Bitcoin shrugs off Russia crypto ban fears as BTC price nears $43.5K

A sharp uptick could have wider implications for the two-month Bitcoin price downtrend, one analyst reveals

Andreessen Horowitz aims to raise $4.5 billion to invest in crypto funds

Last week, A16z reportedly said it would raise $35 billion for its VC fund, as well as another $1 billion for Web3 seed

Legal Thoughts on the Metaverse (I): Intellectual Property Rights | Footprint Analytics

About the Metaverse For the last year, the metaverse has become a flashpoint of blockchain hype, culminating in Facebook renami...

Bitcoin Company Voltage Raises $6M In Seed Round

Voltage said it would leverage the round’s proceeds to expand and improve its Bitcoin and Lightning

Chainalysis exposes simple malware stealing millions in crypto

Chainalysis, a blockchain analytics firm, has released a report regarding malware targeting the crypto sector The report noted ...

1inch Network expands to Avalanche and Gnosis Chain

The decentralized exchange aggregator said it hopes to offer users more options for low-costs, high-speed transactions

5 Top NFT Cryptocurrency to Invest in Now – January 2022

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have grown in leaps and bounds since the beginning of 2021 Despite breaking into the blockchain lime... Reveals 483 Accounts Compromised in Recent Hack — $34 Million in Bitcoin, Ether Stolen

Cryptocom has revealed that 483 user accounts were compromised in the recent hack that resulted in unauthorized withdrawals of ...

JPMorgan reveals Ethereum’s main rival in NFT

Analysts at JPMorgan have stated that Ethereum’s dominance in the NFT space is being threatened by the Solana blockchain which ...

Celebrating A New Year In Bitcoin With A Roundtable Of Influencers

Bitcoin luminaries like Peter McCormick, Justine Harper, Charlie Lee, Jimmy Song and more joined a New Year's "Bitcoin Bottom

Russian central bank proposes blanket ban on crypto mining and trading

Russian central bank has demanded reinforcement of the ongoing crypto payment ban and seeks to introduce punishments

How Will The Latest Powell Pivot Impact Bitcoin?

Discussing macroeconomic trends and their impact on bitcoin, including Jerome Powell's latest pivot, US austerity and conflict in