FTX launching NFT sports platform, backs LCS esports league with 7 year deal

FTX is teaming up with Dolphin Entertainment to create an NFT marketplace that will target brands within sectors such as

China crypto crime: Still ‘top ranked’ for illicit activity but crime is falling

Chinese wallets both sent and received more than $2 billion worth of crypto associated with illicit activities between April 2019

Square’s value could 5X thanks to Afterpay deal: Pomp

“Maybe you don’t simply get a 20X the value of the business, but could you two, three, four or five

CryptoPunks clone PolygonPunks booted from OpenSea marketplace

PolygonPunks have been removed from leading NFT marketplace OpenSea, likely at the behest of CryptoPunks’ creator Larva L...

Google running crypto ads again as new policy goes into effect

Under Google’s new policy that went into effect on August 3, advertisers offering cryptocurrency exchange and wallet services a...

This key Bitcoin price indicator shows pro traders buying each dip

Derivatives data shows Bitcoin whales added to their leveraged positions after BTC price topped out at $42,600. Bitcoin (BTC) m...

Bitcoin Rally To $40K Sparks Return Of Trading Volume

Bitcoin has recently seen a massive rally for the
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