3air – Blockchain-based Connectivity and Global Economic Inclusion Solution Launches on MEXC Exchange Sept, 22nd

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The 3air project aims to resolve the perennial issues that created and continue to contribute to the economic underdevelopment of many regions globally, starting with African cities. The project will launch on the global MEXC exchange on the 22nd of September, 2022 at 10:00 AM / 12:00 PM CET.

The project arrives at a pivotal time in global history when the world depends on connectivity for many reasons, including global economic participation. 3air leverages its novel wireless broadband Internet connectivity solution – K3 Last Mile – to provide stable internet connection in places where it was previously impossible using traditional methods. It also provides access to innovative financial and digital identification solutions available through the 3air platform.

3air’s success has come with the aid of an impressive list of partners and backers that have supported its growth in achieving its goal to foster global economic equality and access to financial opportunities using blockchain-based innovations.

3air raised more than $3.5 million from its Seed, Private, Public and IDO rounds.

3air’s native token ($3AIR) will be officially listed on the MEXC exchange on the 22nd of September, 2022, at 10:00 AM UTC / 12:00 PM CET.

The 3air Project

3air aims to connect people in African cities to the global economic ecosystem using its proprietary technology to bring affordable, high-speed, and stable broadband internet, digital TV, and IP telephony. 3air uses K3 Last Mile technology to provide up to 1 Gbps dedicated internet connectivity, over 150 digital TV stations, and IP telephony through the air. 3air’s blockchain-based platform will allow easy access to digital services, identity management, payments, and credit line building. Its native token, 3AIR, is currently available on BSC, with deployment on the SKALE blockchain in view. It will be used as the payment method for 3air’s digital services, including digital identities, internet broadband services, digital TV, and IP telephony.

The 3air project will be executed over three stages –

  • The first stage is expanding throughout Africa, providing broadband connectivity to everyone, everywhere.
  • The second stage is the implementation of the 3air platform. The platform will facilitate access to telecom services, identity management, payment solutions, and credit line building.
  • The final stage involves leading the revolution within the telecom industry as the premier blockchain-based, decentralized, permissionless ISP platform, tokenizing bandwidth and other services. It also aims to facilitate secondary markets, improve security, roaming, IoT, and connect ISPs globally.

Providing Free Broadband Access Locally

The 3air project is progressing steadily towards its goal to provide the infrastructure to connect users in African cities to the internet at high speed and low rates.

As part of its development plan, 3air, in collaboration with K3 Telecom, installed its novel K3 Last Mile solution at Saint Joseph’s Secondary School (SJSS) to provide internet connectivity at the school. The project will provide a fast, reliable, and stable connection to access educational resources and growth opportunities more easily.

The SJSS internet connectivity project highlights 3air’s dedication to providing the infrastructure to improve the quality of opportunities throughout African cities, starting from Sierra Leone.

Launch on Synapse

The native token – $3AIR – opened on the Synapse Network. The IDO had an allocation of $50 000 at $0.065 price per token. It opened to the winners from the Gleam competition (50 winners) on Wednesday, 14th September at 09:00 AM UTC (11:00 AM CET). The FCFS sale for SNP stakers and the general public opened on Thursday, 15th September.

Token Launch

The 3air token’s launch is a few days away, and we are prepared for a monumental event in our roadmap. Our launch will happen on the MEXC exchange on the 22nd of September, 2022 at 10:00 AM (12:00 PM CET).

Our launch will mark the debut of the 3air platform along with its ecosystem of blockchain-based connectivity and financial solutions. The excitement is palpable within the 3air community, and our CEO, Sandi Bitenc, appreciates the support we have received so far.

“Counting is never fun, but counting down to our launch has been surreal. It is a lot of hardwork, but seeing our efforts over the last few years come together coupled with the support we’ve had so far has made the ride smoother than we could have thought. Under the proper conditions, blockchain technology can and will resolve the problems that underserved regions face, and we are excited to be leading this initiative in Africa. Our experience, proprietary technology, and ecosystem of partners combine to become the perfect solution for perennially underserved regions, and we are delighted to facilitate equal growth opportunities globally.” – Sandi Bitenc, CEO of 3air.

Learn more about 3air by visiting 3air.io or reading the documentation at docs.3air.io.


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