Stabilizing the Banking System: Biden Reassures Public Amid First Republic Bank Collapse, but Warns of National Debt Default

Amid the collapse of the second, third, and fourth largest banks in American history, US president Joe Biden reassured the public that the country’s banking system remains sturdy However, the

Sad Frogs: Why The Parabolic Pepe Coin Could Flatten By 80%

Pepe coin, the meme cryptocurrency based on the popular internet meme, has become the newest sensation across crypto Although it has made early buyers extremely happy – and extremely wealthy – it

yPredict New Presale AI Crypto Launch – Next 10x Crypto

yPredict is a trading analysis initiative utilizing AI It offers data-driven insights that guide users towards making more informed trading choices It eliminates market disruption

Blur NFT Marketplace Launches Its Peer-to-Peer NFT Lending Platform ‘Blend’

Blur, one of the leading non-fungible token market platforms, has launched a new peer-to-peer lending platform Blend The newly launched NFT protocol will let users

PEPE Goes To The Moon: Meme Coin Listed On OKX, Binance Listing In the Works?

PEPE, the popular meme coin, has recently been listed on OKX, a major cryptocurrency exchange This move has generated excitement among investors who believe that the coin has the potential to become

Blur introduces NFT perpetual lending protocol

Borrowing positions automatically roll their expiry and can be refinanced should one party unilaterally decide to

On the shutdown of Bittrex in the US and SEC actions — Bittrex Global CEO at Consensus 2023

Oliver Linch suggested jurisdictions with established frameworks for crypto and policymakers willing and able to use

Bitcoin Bearish Signal: Miners Continue To Sell

On-chain data shows that Bitcoin miners have continued to sell recently, a sign that can be bearish for the price of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Miner Reserve Has Been Going Down Since Rally Started

Ex-OpenSea employee charged with insider trading says info he used was not considered confidential

The defense for former OpenSea employee Nate Chastain, who has been charged with insider trading, told a jury on May 1 that his client was never told the NFT information under his purview was

Ethereum Network Fees Surge 153% in 30 Days, While Arbitrum Daily Transactions Outpace ETH Following Shapella Upgrade

Ethereum network fees have experienced a significant upswing following the implementation of the Shapella upgrade on April 12th In the last 30 days, onchain fees have soared by over 153%, from a


Bitcoin Completes ‘End Run,’ Analyst Says – Here’s What It Means

Bitcoin (BTC) took a nasty spill over the weekend Plunging to a gut-wrenching $60,850 before staging a partial recovery to hover around $64,500, this sudden price drop has left the crypto community

ETF Analyst Offers Sober Outlook on Newly Approved Hong Kong Bitcoin ETFs; Challenges $25B Inflow Estimate

Following Hong Kong’s authorization of the region’s first spot bitcoin and ethereum exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Bloomberg’s senior ETF analyst Eric Balchunas shared his

Bitcoin Rebounds After Nearing Cost Basis Of Short-Term Whales

Bitcoin has found a rebound back above the $66,000 mark following a drop towards the on-chain cost basis of the short-term holder whales Bitcoin Drawdown Had Nearly Put Short-Term Whales Under

Bitcoin Open Interest Has Cooled Off, Good Sign For Bulls?

Data shows the Bitcoin Open Interest has observed a notable cool off recently, something that could be positive for the rally’s hopes Bitcoin Open Interest Has Cooled Down From Recent

Bitcoin sees record fees in 2024 as halving approaches

Quick Take As the Bitcoin halving draws near, Bitcoin activity is witnessing a significant uptick in fees and hash rate Fees On April 12, Bitcoin recorded its highest one-day fees in 2024, reaching