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Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Saturday, July 20 — Sei, Bonk, Turbo, cat in a dogs world

Achieving good returns in a strong market involves monitoring the top cryptocurrencies and preparing Altcoins for growth Yet, spotting the next prominent cryptocurrency can be

Is It Too Late To Buy TURBO? Turbo Price Skyrockets 45% As Traders Rush To Buy This AI Crypto Before It’s Too Late

The Turbo price has pumped by 45% over the last 24 hours to trade at $0006314 as of 8:00 am EST  Turbo Price Prediction: Where

IMF Warns Zambia Against Dedollarization, Calls Plan Counterproductive

An International Monetary Fund representative has cautioned that Zambia’s proposed dedollarization initiative may inadvertently undermine efforts to contain inflation The representative expressed

Rho Markets Pauses Platform After Attacker Siphons $7.6 Million in Digital Assets

The digital asset security platform Cyvers Alerts disclosed on July 19 that Rho Markets’ liquidity layer on Scroll had been exploited after hackers took control of an oracle access control

Worldcoin Hit With Scam And Manipulation Allegations

Worldcoin (WLD) has come under heavy criticism following a recent development, which led to talks about potential price manipulation by the team Prominent crypto on-chain sleuth ZachXBT also reacted

Solana Sets Sights On $175 Resistance As Bullish Momentum Builds

Lately, the price of Solana (SOL) has been demonstrating bullish resilience and gaining significant growth above its bearish trendline Market participants are closely watching this current price

Top Crypto Gainers Today Jul 20 – Alephium, 0x, Fantom, SKALE

On Friday, the crypto market bounced back with a bang as Bitcoin reached its highest price in a month, breaking past $67,000 amid a major

Top Crypto to Invest in Right Now July 20 – Uniswap, Alephium, Stacks

This article analyzes current market trends and identifies tokens with potential for investors aiming to take advantage of market opportunities Bitcoin has posted a weekly

Top Meme Coins To Buy Right Now, Saturday, July 20 – Pepe Unchained, Mog coin, Pepe, Turbo

Technological advancements are becoming more prevalent, with projects like Pepe Unchained leveraging Layer 2 solutions to address scalability and efficiency issues This trend suggests meme

Study: Europe Leads in Global Crypto Transaction Volume; Binance Remains Most Used Exchange

Europe stands out as the global leader, accounting for 3732% of the total transactional value, according to a comprehensive analysis by Coinwire Asia’s trading volumes primarily result from factors
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Nigeria Acts to Defend Naira After Currency Hits New Record Low

The Central Bank of Nigeria recently sold US dollars to Bureaux de Change (BDC) at a flat rate of NGN1,450 per greenback The central bank stated that eligible BDCs can sell the dollars to end-users

Bitcoin Vs. Ethereum: Why This Analyst Believes BTC Will Outperform ETH

Crypto analyst Crypto Kaleo has explained why he believes Bitcoin will continue outperforming Ethereum in the short term He made this assertion based on his belief that the Spot Ethereum ETFs will

Messari CEO Selkis Resigns After Controversial Political Posts

Ryan Selkis, founder of Messari, has stepped down as CEO, following controversial social media posts He will transition to Senior Advisor, while Eric Turner takes over as interim CEO “This week

Is $200 Within Reach For Solana Price? Here’s Why This Blockchain Firm Thinks So

Like the general crypto market, the price of Solana (SOL) witnessed significant growth over the past week According to the latest on-chain data, this might only be the beginning for SOL’s price,

US Senator Highlights Bitcoin as Currency Unaffected by Widespread Cyber Outages

US Senator Cynthia Lummis has emphasized bitcoin’s resilience as a form of currency unaffected by widespread cyber outages Her remarks followed major system failures linked to Crowdstrike,