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How DAFI Is Reshaping Crypto Incentive Models

Defi token sales are seeing huge demand right

The number of BTC held on exchanges crashed 20% in 12 months

Long-term accumulation and the increasing popularity of DeFi yield protocols is siphoning Bitcoin away from centralized exchang...

UFC announces regional partnerships with top crypto-only sportsbook

The world’s top mixed martial arts promotion has announced a partnership with Latin American crypto-only casino, Ult...

UNI surges 50% in one week, becomes first DeFi DApp token in crypto’s top 10

Uniswap’s governance token has become the first DeFi token to rank among the ten-largest crypto assets by capitalization. The n...

NFT representing incinerated Banksy painting fetches nearly $400k

A tokenized version of a destroyed Banksy painting sold for nearly $400,000 on NFT marketplace OpenSea. A non-fungible token, or

Mark Cuban sees $1 written in DOGE’s tea leaves

“If we sell another 6,556,000,000 DOGE worth of Mavs merch, Dogecoin will definitely hit $1,” said the Dallas Maver...

Want to be rich? Bitcoin’s limited supply cap means you only need 0.01 BTC

In 10 years Bitcoin’s finite supply will be nearly exhausted, meaning holders might only need 0.01 BTC to become filthy

Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, UNI, THETA, VET, LUNA

A bullish technical pattern signals that Bitcoin may be gearing up to retest its all-time high and this positive development

Celsius Network valued at $3.1B following independent review

Celsius is expected to grow its assets under management by 25% annually through 2025, according to Alpha Sigma Capital. Using

HODLing early leads to relationship troubles? Redditors share their stories

One user referred to her husband as “brainwashed” over Bitcoin, saying he was ruining her job by bringing up crypto

Searching deep: The quest for Bitcoin scalability through layer two protocols

The quest for a workable Bitcoin scalability solution is still ongoing with developmental efforts in protocols like the Lightni...

Bitcoin price hits $51K as U.S. Senate passes $1.9 trillion stimulus

Bitcoin reaches $51,000 as the U.S. Senate greenlights $1,400 “stimmy” checks for Americans. The price of Bitcoin (...

What gives Ether token its value?

Ethereum’s Ether coin is arguably valuable for different reasons than Bitcoin. Bitcoin holds the top spot as the world’s first

Decentralized finance may be the future, but education is still lacking

Education and accessibility are crucial to make DeFi more accessible to the upcoming inflow of retail investors. Engaging in the

DeFi summer 2.0? ‘Gen 2’ tokens on a tear amid wider market slump

Decentralized finance ‘Gen2’ tokens sprint forward as the broader DeFi market gasps for air As some brand-name dece... (FET) hits a 2-year high after DeFi integration and Bosch partnership

Strong fundamentals, high-profile partnerships and a pivot toward DeFi back FET’s rally to a multi-year high. Artificial ...

What Ethereum killer? On-chain data shows competitor networks are still behind

Critics say Ethereum’s soaring gas fees will cause the project to fall victim to its competitor blockchains but on-chain data

Bitcoin nerves, Tesla told to dump crypto, NFT madness: Hodler’s Digest, Feb. 28–March 6

Coming every Saturday, Hodlers Digest will help you track every single important news story that happened this week. The best

Basketball billionaires form NBA blockchain use case committee

Mark Cuban and Vivek Ranadive headline the list of owners exploring blockchain use cases for the NBA Blockchain tech may

Apple Pay integration and Staking 3.0 launch push COTI price to a new high

COTI price hit a new all-time high following the roll-out of Staking 3.0 and a Simplex integration that allows Apple
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