Metaverse On Watch: China Reportedly Considering Integration Of Social Credit System

The metaverse, a digital realm where individuals immerse themselves in virtual universes and online experiences, has garnered significant attention for its potential to reshape how we interact, work,

CME Bitcoin futures spike to unprecedented 23% amid overall market de-leveraging

Quick Take The futures market has always been a significant barometer of investor sentiment and speculation in the cryptocurrency arena Recent data analysis suggests noteworthy trends in Bitcoin

Dogecoin Proof Of Stake Discussion Heats Up As Lead Dev Chimes In

Dogecoin Lead Developer, Mishaboar has expressed his doubts about a possible move to a Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain consensus The developer has stated that the transition to a POS mechanism is not

Coinbase sees lukewarm demand for debt buyback, raises offer

The United States crypto exchange has increased its offer for discounted debt by 3% Crypto

Why the choice of the blockchain matters for NFT collections

When choosing a blockchain, consider the trade-offs and align it with your needs Avoid risking your funds, time and

Crypto users react to death of Shiba Inu behind viral memes

The 12-year-old dog had appeared in memes with Dogecoin's own inspiration, the Shiba Inu named Kabosu, including founders have controversial ties to failed NFT project Kosetto

Information on social media platform X(formerly Twitter) suggests that Friendtech founders 0xRacerAlt and Shrimppepe have connections to a failed NFT project, Kosetto Kosetto NFTs Kosetto is a

Binance Coin Falls Below $210 As BNB Bridge Hacker’s Health Rate Sinks To 0.99

In a complex tangle of smart contracts, governance proposals, and fluctuating crypto prices, the financial health rate of the infamous Binance BNB Bridge exploiter address (0x48…9bec) has fallen Fees Stands Toe To Toe With Bitcoin, But Critics Are Not Impressed

The new decentralized social media app Friendtech has made waves in the past week and has taken the crypto world by storm Within two weeks of its launch, trading fees from the social media app have

Binance limits withdrawals in Europe, cites payment processor issues

In a deleted customer service message, Binance said that the failed withdrawals were caused by temporarily suspended
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Is The Bitcoin Bottom In? Here’s What 7 Experts Say

The market saw a dramatic Bitcoin price drop over the past two days, plunging from a high of $64,500 on Sunday to a low of $58,474 Yesterday’s steep decline followed an unexpected announcement

Bitcoin Takes A Beating: Another $630 Million Exits, Price Drops Lower

The once-sizzling crypto market continues to sputter, with Bitcoin, the undisputed king of the digital realm, leading the retreat After a euphoric climb that saw it breach the $73,000 level earlier

Chainlink Unlock: $264 Million Worth Of LINK Tokens Sent To Binance, Will This Trigger A Crash To $10?

Brace yourself as new LINK tokens perpetually flood the market Chainlink, as part of its periodical unlocks, recently unlocked 21 million LINK tokens, valued at $295 million, from five of its

Chainlink Signals Upside Break: Analyzing LINK’s Bullish Indicators

Chainlink’s LINK price is recovering from the $1265 support The price is gaining bullish momentum and might aim for a move above the $1420 resistance Chainlink price is showing bullish signs and

Tencent Tests Use Cases for Trading Settlements Using Digital Yuan and Mbridge

Tencent, the Chinese tech giant, was revealed to be participating in the tests that the Chinese institutions have completed using Mbridge, a CBDC-enabled cross-borders settlement platform Tencent