Pepe Coin Investors Are Piling In, But Price Is Stuck – What’s Going on?

Since its launch in April 2023, Pepe Coin has become investors’ favorite due to its remarkable price rallies in the first trading month However, despite

Cartesi Price Prediction for Today, July 11: CTSI/USD Prepares for $0.20 Resistance

The Cartesi price prediction is getting ready to cross above the upper boundary of the channel after a rapid retracement Cartesi Prediction Statistics Data: Cartesi

BoE Governor Bailey Says Crypto Is Not Money

Andrew Bailey, the governor of the Bank of England, has said that crypto is best classified as an extremely speculative investment Citing that they don’t

Homer Continues To Pump on DexTools. What Gives Traders The Edge With This Coin?

Homer, the cryptocurrency, continues to experience a significant surge in value on DexTools, a popular decentralized exchange platform  With its ongoing pump and positive momentum,

Bug bounties can help secure blockchain networks, but have mixed results

How bug bounties can improve security by using talent from the blockchain community Bug bounties

Multichain’s Recent Struggles Raise Suspicion Of A Rug Pull: Chainalysis

In one of the biggest crypto attacks, cross-chain bridge protocol Multichain recently experienced unauthorized withdrawals of millions worth of crypto assets from its repositories  On July 6, 2023,

Bitcoin Trading Volume Continues To Rise, Now 75% Higher Than FTX Lows

On-chain data shows the Bitcoin transfer volume has recently reached levels 75% higher than the FTX crash lows as it continues its uptrend Bitcoin Total Transfer Volume Has Continued To Go Up

US Senators to have classified AI briefing at the White House

US Senators will take part in the country’s first-ever classified Senate briefing on AI which will place in

Why is Polygon (MATIC) price up today?

Polygon price is up today as traders assess the appointment of a new CEO and amid surging whale activity ahead of a key

Bitcoin Rewards On Minecraft? This Partnership Makes It Possible

Bitcoin transactions have been enabled on the popular videogame Minecraft The number one cryptocurrency by market cap has seen developments, innovations, and expansion in its ecosystem, and a new
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Don’t Fret The DOGE Dip: Analyst Predicts Big Rebound To $2

The cryptocurrency market has been battered by recent events, with Bitcoin leading the decline and dragging many altcoins down with it However, Dogecoin (DOGE), the memecoin often dismissed as a

Spot Bitcoin ETFs Record Worst Outflows Since April After $1.3B Leave Their Reserves In 2 Weeks

US spot Bitcoin ETFs (exchange-traded funds) saw nearly $13 billion leave their reserves collectively over the last 2 weeks, marking the largest spate of outflows

Jupiter Price Prediction: JUP Pumps 8%, But Experts Say This AI Meme Coin Might Be The Best Crypto To Buy Now

The Jupiter price surged 8% in the last 24 hours to trade at $0786 as of 00:42 am EST on trading volume that skyrocketed 86%

Bitcoin On Her List: Suriname’s Presidential Hopeful Embraces Crypto For Economic Revival

Bitcoin is emerging as a potential revolutionary force in developing nations, where economic woes are a constant struggle, often plagued by inflation, currency devaluation, and limited access to

The AMC Price Plunged 19% As Investors Flock To Pepe Unchained And Its 3,700% APY

The AMC price has dipped by 19% in the past 24 hours to trade for $000000007277 as of 01:55 am EST Historically, market watchers have