GameBlocks: Instantly Turn Normal Games into Blockchain Games

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January 5, 2022 by CoinSurges
The gaming business is changing in a variety of

The gaming business is changing in a variety of ways. The user experience is evolving. Gamers are becoming immersed in more realistic alternate and borderless digital worlds thanks to virtual and augmented reality primitives.

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The business model is changing. Free-to-play games monetized via in-game purchases and advertising have replaced physical game sales as a source of revenue. However, a new trend is coming.

A major transition is a shift from in-game economies of free-play (where players pay publishers money) to play-to-earn (in which value earned is shared with players). But technically, the ability to combine gaming engines and core loops with web3 is uncommon among today’s game developers and companies. In order for the blockchain gaming industry to exponentially grow; this technological issue must be resolved immediately.

Ken Foong co-founded GameBlocks shares his deep insights on how blockchain technology is being used in gaming experiences. Ken Foong discusses how GameBlocks is tackling the challenge of combining game engines with blockchain technology in our interview with him

An Overview of GameBlocks

GameBlocks is developing a GBaaS (Gaming Backend as a Service). The program functions as an API that transforms regular games into blockchain games seamlessly.

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The project’s objective is to provide an API middleware that allows regular games to rapidly transform into blockchain games. Because games are being built across many chains, GameBlocks will be as chain agnostic as possible. Allowing composability between Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Arbitrum and Solana networks.

The origin of GameBlocks

The primary motivation behind this endeavor, according to Ken, is “Frustration & Need.”

Many gaming studios are attempting to join the blockchain gaming market and contribute to its growth, but many lack blockchain expertise. Traditional game studios are putting their efforts into learning about web3 rather than focusing on making the core loops and other gameplay features that translate into fantastic games.

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What the future might look like for Blockchain Gaming?

According to Ken Foong, The future is bright but blockchain games are still infant. For the industry to reach the potential we all hope it will, we need to have tools that reduce the barrier to entry for developers and gaming studios to participate. This is why we believe that GameBlocks can be one of the staple solutions to facilitate growth, because we solve a key pain point and have a clear value proposition.

GameBlocks has started development already. They are on track for a beta launch by early February. Any developers and game studios can request early access to our beta by filling out the form on the website (

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