LOCGame: Why The $LOCG Token Could Be Promising

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LegendsOfCrypto (commonly known as LOCGame) is the first play-to-earn GameFi project of Rbl Labs, a company based in Amsterdam – it focuses on NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and bringing their use case to the blockchain gaming space. LOCGame is a pay-for-play and strategy card game that features several metaverse and play-to-earn features on a 3×3 battle grid.

The game’s metaverse is an acknowledgment of the history of the crypto space and the pop culture associated with them. It also features many instantly recognizable playable characters in the form of popular influencers and celebrities in the crypto space. Rbl Labs, the company behind the game, has stated that future metaverses will be coming to the platform and will be announced in 2022.

At the heart of this ecosystem is the $LOCG token. Let’s understand a little more about the project, the token itself, and why this asset has tremendous upside potential.

LOCGame: Creating A Buzz In The Crypto Space

The first-ever blockchain game to feature NFTs was CryptoKitties. Several other games also utilize NFTs, with another prominent example being Ethermon, which tried to build on this concept. LOCGame leverages the same concept, allowing individuals to buy NFTs and use them in a game featuring thousands of other players.

LOCGame is an NFT project repackaged as a collectible trading card game. Unlike many other collectible card game startups that cloned famous Hearthstone gameplay, LegendsOfCrypto developed its own unique core gameplay based on Triad Battle.  The game utilizes blockchain technology to create unique, non-fungible assets that pay homage to the members of the crypto space. Players in the game can win NFT items, while card owners are eligible for various rewards from prize pools. The game leverages DeFi and DAO governance and is powered by the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.

Rbl Labs won a grant for Polygon as their layer-2 will power the game core, its DeFi economy, and its DAO governance model. It also makes cross-chain playability possible, enabling low transaction costs and high transaction speeds and acting as a bridge to the Ethereum blockchain. Used in tandem, both Ethereum and Polygon ensure the stability of the LOCGame ecosystem.

The $LOCG Token: Powering the LOCGame Ecosystem

The $LOCG token is the native cryptocurrency that sits at the core of the LOCGame ecosystem. The token brings the platform and game to life, acting as a governance mechanism and allowing users to earn rewards by playing the game or staking.

Let’s take a closer look to understand how the LOCGame token can be utilized:

  • Indirect rewards in play-to-earn mechanics
  • Payment mechanism
  • Access to communities, discounts, and perks
  • Staking for rewards
  • DAO governance

The LOCGame ecosystem includes:

  • Native NFT marketplace connected to third-parties on Polygon and ETH: https://marketplace.locgame.io
  • Collectible strategy card game with free-to-play, play-to-earn GameFi features
  • In-game reward token that can be used to purchase and upgrade playing cards – stake to earn $LOCG and other rewards
  • The $LOCG token
  • NFT collectible cards – the Genesis edition is fully dedicated to crypto industry famous characters
  • Upcoming games complimentary to LOCGame
  • Charity and social responsibility – 10% of NFT sales go to a good cause via Little Phil

The $LOCG token is available on top cryptocurrency exchanges such as Gate.io, HotBit, Uniswap, ZT, and KuCoin. It has a circulating supply of 50,209,206 $LOCG, with a total supply of 148,053,144 $LOCG and a maximum supply of 150,000,000 $LOCG.

Why $LOCG Could Be a Good Buy

The $LOCG token shows great potential at the moment due to several reasons working in its favor.

Rbl Labs just launched the demo version of the game on Dec 16, 2021, where the community feedback is overwhelmingly positive. The next Alpha 2.0 will be released in early Q1 2022, where there will be a basic play-to-earn functionality introducing a new in-game token as well as new reward utilities for the $LOCG token. As the game evolves further in 2022, the utility for $LOCG will be expanded, thereby increasing the demand.

The current market cap stands at only around $5.5 million, in comparison with $200 million+ market caps for working games such as Gods Unchained, Splinters, and other playable GameFi products. Typically, small caps are poised for huge growth once the product is launched.

Additionally, with the support of major blue-chip investors (such as Signum Capital and NGC) and huge designer partnerships with artists from brands like Burberry and Prada, the $LOCG token is set to take off!

The market is currently experiencing a frenzy in the play-to-earn space, and LOCGame will be at the forefront of this movement in 2022 with full functionality of the game on the horizon.

With the launch of the platform scheduled in December, players will need to buy the $LOCG token before the game’s launch so that they can purchase NFT cards to play the game. The $LOCG token can also act as a payment mechanism and gain access to discounts, governance, and staking.

Therefore, $LOCG has massive potential upside for 2022 and beyond.

The Future of Play-to-Earn NFTs

LOCGame is redefining the blockchain gaming space, bringing several new features backed by the platform’s cutting-edge technology. The LOCGame ecosystem is designed to give its users an immersive experience that takes a new spin on the utility of NFTs. On another note, LOCGame’s Genesis Edition NFT Sale took place on 4th of December, and with the launch of the game almost upon us, there’s an unbelievable amount of hype around the game.

Add to this mix words of endorsement from behemoths of the crypto space, Bitboy, Crypto Lark, Crypto Stach and Carl the Moon, LOCGame promises to turn the NFT gaming space on its head. The $LOCG token has a lot going for it, set to soar to new heights.




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