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Trump Becomes First President To Accept Bitcoin Lightning Payments For Campaign Donations

In a historic first, Donald Trump is now the first US President to ever accept Bitcoin Lightning Network

Anduro: A Network of Sidechains

Anduro is a federated/merge mined hybrid sidechain design, specifically designed to enable the federation to manage multiple sidechains with differing

Genesis Digital Assets Expands Bitcoin Mining Capacity In Sweden

The data center's capacity is 8 megawatts, with plans for further expansion in the near

Nostr Ensures A Free Internet For The Future

Nostr is an emerging open-source tool that can ensure free communication without censorship from Big Tech corporations or

Ordinals, Inscriptions And BRC-20 Can’t Break Bitcoin

As recent developments on Bitcoin, Ordinals, inscriptions and the BRC-20 protocol are drawing controversy, but they can’t

Better Money For Better Journeys: How Bitcoin Has Improved The Way I Travel

Bitcoin can alleviate many of the most common issues world travelers face, giving them more time to enjoy their

Insights Into MiCA, Europe’s New Comprehensive Bitcoin And Crypto Regulation Framework

Binance's Director of MENA and Europe, Vishal Sacheendran, sheds light on MiCA, Europe's forthcoming regulatory

Things Are Brewing In Prague

At BTC Prague, techno ambiance permeated, meandering paths collided and a rockstar moment stole the

How Bitcoin Can Preserve The Life Savings Of Refugees

Bitcoin’s unique properties make it the best way to preserve wealth in a time of crisis But there are some things to keep in mind to

U.K. Details Plan To Regulate Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency Industry

The United Kingdom has released its first consultation on crypto trading and lending regulation within the

South African Retail Giant Pick-n-Pay Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments At All Locations

Pick n Pay has partnered with CryptoQR in order to accept bitcoin at more than 2,000

Luxor Technologies Launches The First Bitcoin Mining ASIC Request-for-Quote Platform

Luxor has launched the first ever ASIC RFQ platform with the goal of maximized market transparency and