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January 7, 2022 by CoinSurges
The Metaverse is a virtual world where people may

The Metaverse is a virtual world where people may share their experiences and communicate in real-time in simulated environments. It can potentially change the way people work, shop, communicate, and consume information. As a result, firms are eager to stake up early positions in the sector, and NFTs are a unique and efficient means to do so.

Among Adidas’ recent ventures include joint projects with NFT creators Bored Ape Yacht Club and Pixel Vaults Punks Comic – an agreement with cryptocurrency investor Gmoney and the acquisition of digital land in the Sandbox, a blockchain-based virtual environment.

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Moreover, Twitter and Facebook have already announced that they would be integrating NFT avatars into their services. As more companies get on board with the NFT craze and create new customer experiences, the Metaverse is already receiving mainstream attention.

Consequently, everyone will need a virtual representation of themselves to begin exploring this new and exciting virtual space.

Meanwhile, a new project called Novatar has just been established. Seems, It has the potential to take the industry by storm with its implementation of several innovations. Novatar’s approach and concept are what sets it apart from the others. One of its main features is the implementation of the first-ever aging NFT. It will be like a natural process of an infant growing up into an adult.

In addition, as it transforms, it will acquire and display unique physical shifts. Using the blockchains dynamics, a user can either raise their Novatar to adulthood or keep it a newborn baby.

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Users will engage with these Novatars as their new Meta persona. Besides a virtual description of the user, they will have a profession, boast of excellent designs, and will be the way to be identified in the future metaverses.

Also, as in the real world, each Novatar is a unique, one-of-a-kind digital asset, graphically generated by AI.  There will be a limited set of 25K baby Novatars in existence, which will be able to become adults each having a distinct facial expression, futuristic clothes, and aesthetics.

Novatars are genetically diverse, each with its own set of distinct traits. There are basic/mandatory 9 genes in baby avatar. Moreover, there are 14 genes in adult Novatars, with 10 basic sets of the gene pool and 4 optional.  For example, the gene responsible for the profession is considered a rare one; Novatars with this gene will be deemed very exceptional.

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The Novatars are meant to be used as a digital pass to online and offline events held only for Novatar NFTs holders.

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