2014 World Cup star Mario Gotze uses Smolverse NFT as Twitter profile picture

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Mario Gotze, a football star based in Germany, has officially joined the cryptocurrency community. While he has not made any major move regarding crypto assets, the recent action has ignited hope of more footballers joining the sector.

Mario Gotze joins the crypto sector

Gotze recently changed his profile picture to that of the Smolverse collection. Smolverse is one of the popular non-fungible tokens (NFT) collections in the market. This shows that the footballer could be making plans regarding investing in or launching NFTs.

Additionally, Gotze changed his account handle that now goes by his Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain. Gotze will not be the first to make such a change because the CEO of Shopify, Tobias Lutke and the co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, have used their ENS domains as their Twitter account handles.

Gotze is one of the renowned stars in the football sector. He came into the spotlight in 2014 after he scored a willing goal for Germany during the World Cup. He was even personally congratulated by the former German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

At the time, Gotze was only 22, and he became a national hero after scoring the goal. Later in 2014, the left boot that Gotze used to score Germany’s winning goal was sold for 2 million Euros.

However, the scoring goal during the 2014 World Cup was the last record Gotze broke in the football sector. In 2017, he was diagnosed with a metabolic disorder and later left Dortmund in 2020 after failing to renew his contract. He later joined PSV Eindhoven.

Football and crypto

Gotze is not the first soccer star to join the cryptocurrency space. Andres Iniesta, a Spanish football star, recently promoted the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. However, this caused friction with regulators, as the footballer failed to mention a promoted ad. Binance is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform globally by trading volumes.

The other star that is part of the crypto community is Lionel Messi. Last year, Messi left Barcelona for Paris Saint-German. As part of his deal for joining PSG, Messi received PSG tokens as part of a two-year contract with the club.

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